Columbus Comedian Spotlight: Leslie N. Battle

If you've seen Leslie N. Battle perform, you'll immediately notice that she gives off a "best friend" vibe. Seeing her on stage feels almost like you're having a conversation with one of your hilarious besties, except there are 100 of you and you're all laughing so hard you don't mind that this conversation, in particular, is one-sided (and you paid for it to be that way.)

She's one of the hardest working women in Columbus comedy, and we're pleased to have her among our first ever Columbus Comedian Profiles. Enjoy...then catch her at a show ASAP!

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Name: Leslie N. Battle

Age: 47

Columbus Neighborhood: Groveport

Preferred comedy genre: Standup

Find her here.

Accolades: Recently accepted into a veterans touring group.

How did you get started in comedy?

Divorce Recovery

Do you have any particularly memorable experiences from your first few months in comedy?

Not so much from my first few months, but I was surprised when people started calling me 'professional'.

What do you think is your worst failure/most embarrassing moment in comedy?

I once overslept and missed a show. I was so angry at myself.

What moment are you most proud of?

Winning the Spring 2015 Columbus Funnybone Talent Search. I'm the only Afro female to do so (yet).

Who inspires you?

My kids and my fellow comedians. So much talent!

Do you have a favorite venue or show?

I once had the honor of performing for a women's veterans conference. That was pretty awesome!

What do you think defines Columbus comedy?


What do you think Columbus comedy does best?

Inviting comics/performers to participate

Where could Columbus comedy improve?

Connecting with potential audience/publicity.

What's the best comedy advice you've ever heard?

"If you aren't nervous, you don't care."

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about trying comedy?


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