Columbus Comedian Spotlight: Alexis Nelson

If there's one word to describe Alexis Nelson on stage and in her writing, it's "genuine." If you had to pick another word, it'd be "joy." So whether you're watching her play a demented realtor trying her damndest to sell a haunted house to a young couple, or singing about the meaning of Kwanzaa, you'll know she means it and that she also hopes you have the best time watching and hearing it. 

If you don't happen to catch her awesomeoness on stage, her Instagram account is a close awesomeness runner-up...but for real, though, catch her on stage. It's worth it!

comedian spotlight alexis nelson.jpg

Name: Alexis Nelson

Age: 25

Columbus Neighborhood: Merion Village

Preferred comedic genre: Sketch, with a dash of standup

Years in the game: 4

Regular gig: Monday Night Live

How did you get started in comedy?

I started writing comedic plays in undergrad for my degree, and people liked them enough to do them! And I only had to bribe most of them!

Do you have any particularly memorable experiences from your first few months in comedy?

I invited a person I'd gone on one date with to a very experimental piece I wrote and performed my senior year at OSU. It involved me wearing a unicorn onesie, and I never saw him again.

What do you think is your worst failure/most embarrassing moment in comedy?

My audition for 8th Floor Improv my freshman year of college. I couldn't get out of my head, and NOTHING I was in got even a single laugh. I doubted myself and my ability to be funny on a stage for years after that.

What moment are you most proud of?

Helping write Dog Mom Holiday Anthem, so now 6 million people on the internet know how dumb my humor is.

Editor's Note: Don't worry...we'd never leave you hangin':

Who/What inspires you?

Dogs, the weird people at my gym, a ton of the badass ladies in the Columbus comedy scene who have made me feel 117% more comfortable out here.

Do you have a favorite venue or show?

I'm a lil obsessed with TBD: The Musical.

What do you think Columbus comedy does best?

VARIETY. You can see 7 completely funny, completely different types of comedy in any given week, sometimes more!

Where could Columbus comedy improve?

I don't know if i'm steeped in it enough to have a good answer!

What's the best comedy advice you've ever heard?

Take your roughest moments, and make them into your best comedy

What advice would you give someone just starting out in comedy?

Bad shows are GREAT learning experiences! Learn from 'em, but don't dwell on 'em.

Thanks, Alexis! Catch her and other funny folks just about every night of the week